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Clean energy set to provide 35% of Australia’s electricity within two years

Clean energy set to provide 35% of Australia in the next two years Clean energy will be providing 35% of Australia’s total electricity needs within two years, analysts say, as new data underlines the pace at which solar power is transforming the national energy market. A report by consultants Green Energy Markets found rooftop solar systems and

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How to buy the best Solar panels for your home

The average price across Australian capital cities for a 5kW system is $5100, and solar technology is only getting cheaper. What size solar panel system do I need? To size your solar panel system you need to work out how much electricity you use and when you use it. As a guide, a typical home

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Reasons to get Solar Installed

Reasons to get Solar Installed Generous subsidies and other incentives are currently available to install solar power. But how long will they be around for? For example, the Solar Credits multiplier aspect has disappeared. Various governments throughout Australia have slashed, changed or reduced rebates and incentives with little or no warning on numerous occasions. When these support mechanisms are changed, the

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