Solar energy is the need of the hour to ensure zero emissions and preserve natural resources. This renewable source of energy not only saves you with money on electricity bills but also fetch you twice the bang on your buck by using and storing the previously generated solar energy.

According to a report formulated by the Centre for New Energy Technologies (C4NET) for Solar Victoria, households having solar panels are more likely to save up to an average of $1,073 a year. This value depends on the size and capacity of the solar system you have installed and the amount of energy generated.

If you are already saving money with solar, Solar Victoria is here to boost your savings with additional rebates on storage battery installation anywhere in Victoria. If you get an 11kwH storage battery installed in your home, you are eligible of saving approximately $650 on electricity bills every year. 

The estimated number of savings households are generating in Victoria with solar installation is estimated to be around $159 million in total for a year.

Benefits Offered By Solar Homes Program

With the introduction of the Solar Homes Program in 2018, Victorian households have managed to make a positive impact and are estimated to have:

  • Reduced the use of electricity from the grid by ~30%.
  • Reduced annual electricity bills by an average of $1073 per household.
  • Consumed 27% of the solar they generated.
  • Providing 38% of the total household electricity use.
  • Saved an average of two tonnes of CO2 emissions in a year.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by an additional 5.6 tonnes through export to the grid.
  • Exported 10% more electricity than the average capacity.

The estimates listed above are the result of the data studied from households located in the AusNet Services distribution zone. When it comes to solar, savings can be improved if the costs of importing the electricity are reduced for every kWh of solar a household generates and imports to a grid.

The Solar Homes Program introduced by Solar Victoria has, till date, provided more than $270 million in rebates to make solar accessible, drive down the energy costs and tackle the climate change.

To make solar more affordable, Solar Victoria is continually introducing and altering their previous rebates for a bundle of more benefits. With the recent change in the rebate, Victorians can now access $3500 on solar batteries to boost their energy storage. This will make it easy for homeowners and businesses to benefit from solar power and also transfer the unused electricity to the grid with battery storage.

 Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Solar Homes, informed that this change on battery rebate made by the government would motivate more consumers who are longing to have a solar system on their rooftop, get a quick solar installation to access the rebate on batteries.

 Before this rebate change was introduced, eligible home or business owners had to wait until they got a solar PV installed to access the battery rebate. Almost 4,000 home in Victoria has already benefitted from this battery rebate announcement.

 Why Is Now The Best Time To Install Batteries?

 With summers on the way and this new rebate change, now is the best time for the local households and businesses to get a solar powered system installed on their premises and gain full control of their energy bills with energy savings and added battery storage advantage.

 Along with enjoying the energy benefits, having a rooftop solar panel comes with cost savings on bills and electricity in the long run. A typical household can easily save hundreds of dollars a year with solar. Using this renewable energy, Victorian residents can generate their own electricity for reduced bills. By keeping the batteries charged, one can ensure a storage backup for power outages, less sunny or rainy days.

 Commitment To Clean Energy & Zero Net Emissions

 Solar Homes Program worth $1.3 billion started by The Victorian Government has managed to play a significant role in driving the clean energy revolution in the rural, suburb, and urban region, thereby helping thousands of families in saving dollars on energy bills.

 As per the guideline of the program, the estimated homes for solar panels, solar batteries, and solar hot water systems across the state are 770,000. Victorian residents can take advantage of the changed solar and battery rebates for extra savings on installation costs.

 With the introduction of battery rebates, Victoria is committed to meeting the goal of reduced emissions and utilizing renewable energy.

With the ever increasing electricity costs and pledge to net zero emissions by 2050, more and more homeowners are turning towards renewable sources of energy. Though entire Australia is opting for solar energy, Victorians are taking a major initiative in this solar revolution. Thousands of Victorians have replaced traditional electricity sources with solar energy, so much that, if the solar panels installed in Victoria are laid end-to-end, they’ll stretch all the way from Melbourne to Jakarta.

 Lily D’Ambrosio, the Minister for Solar Homes, Victoria, announced the latest figures of rooftop solar panels installed under the Solar Homes Program to be more than 3.16 million. Also, more than 180,000 homes and small businesses that have already applied for solar rebates of $334 million are urged to join this figure.

 She said, “Victorians continue to embrace renewable energy – they know solar is good for jobs, it’s good for the environment and good for bringing down power bills.”

 Switch To Solar For Low Cost Bills

 Since summers are on the way, energy requirements are going to touch the sky. So, it’s better to get prepared to tackle the hot weather with low cost renewable energy sources that saves you with money and resources in the long run.

 Now is the right time for the Victorian residents to consider investing in solar powered systems and take advantage of the $1,400 rooftop solar panel rebate decided by the Solar Victoria along with a $3500 solar battery rebate or up to $1,000 solar hot water rebate.

 In the recent announcement, the Victorian Government announced a $1000 rebate for upgrading old heaters with energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners. In addition, individuals switching to a zero-emission vehicle gets a $3000 subsidy.

 Leaders In Climate Action & Renewable Energy

 With a $1.6 billion amount allocated for Clean Energy Package, Victoria has managed to become a global leader in climate action and renewable energy development. In the financial year 2019-20, the state connected 1.6 gigawatts of solar panels that are more than any other state in Australia.

 Till date, there are 21+ renewable energy projects with a combined capacity of 2,619 MW in progress and are getting commissioned shortly.

 Help Achieve Net Zero Emissions Target- Go Solar

 Victoria is leaving no stone unturned to achieve its goal of reducing emissions to half by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050. Residents are going to play a significant role in this feast. With a number of solar rebates offered by the government, it’s the best time to take advantage.

 If you want to install solar panels on your household or business premises, Online Air and Solar is here to assist you. Talk to our accredited solar panel installers to discuss your goals and get started with the rooftop assessment and consultation. We are trusted by hundreds of Victorian residents and businesses for quality solar system installations that meet compliance. Our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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