Solar power is given a clean and green energy status in Australia as it provides an array of environmental and public health benefits by reducing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. If you are wondering how solar energy could benefit your as well as community health, here are some quick tips that will help you know:

  • Reduces Carbon Dioxide Emissions 

The climate change we are witnessing for the past many years is the result of atmospheric carbon dioxide that stays in the atmosphere for decades and radiate heat towards the earth, thereby giving a constant rise in temperature. Being responsible citizens, we can help diminish these threats by switching to solar energy.

  • Reduces Methane Emissions

Compared to carbon dioxide, methane lasts longer in the atmosphere and traps more heat and radiation. Its impact on the health and environment is 25 times greater than carbon dioxide. Both natural gas and petroleum exhibits methane into the atmosphere. By investing in solar energy, the levels of methane in the environment can be reduced.

  • Reduces Ground Pollution

When it comes to ground pollution, non-renewable energy sources are the main culprit. They damage the ground in several ways, including oil spills, harming ecosystem and polluting the layers of earth. Solar panels do not significantly contribute to ground pollution and are a safe bet for health and environment.

  • Reduces Air Pollution

With the rise in solar panel installations and renewable energy sources, the dependency on coal will decrease to a significant level. This in turn, will allow the reduction in air pollution by controlling the harmful gases and emissions into the atmosphere. 

  • Reduces Water Usage

Though hydropower is a type of electricity generated using water, it drastically decreases the amount of water on the planet day by day. Being reliant on rivers and water bodies, hydropower can disturb the ecosystem and limit access to water. Going solar can reduce the water dependency to a great extent.

So, these are some ways solar panels can help benefit the environment and health of the community. At Online Air & Solar, we specialise in installing solar panels and battery storage systems that can help you make the most out of renewable energy sources.

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anne Muscat
anne Muscat
00:26 30 Nov 21
The staff were very efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. They explained everything thoroughly when they had finished. They cleaned up everything before they left and I am very happy to highly recommend them.
Wayne Cummins
Wayne Cummins
09:29 26 Nov 21
Just had a Split System Air Conditioner put it using Online Air & Solar after having Solar Panels installed last year. Always a pleasure to deal with. Always helpful and reliable, do a great job and clean up after. Will continue to support them. Thanks for Always doing a great job.
Andy B
Andy B
22:20 18 Nov 21
Had split system installed. Good experience from start to finish. Installers very tidy and efficient. Definitely would use them again.
Bruce Gray
Bruce Gray
02:44 17 Nov 21
Well done Brendan and crew, got the job completed despite the weather. Looks good and awaiting inspection and switch on.
yaser khazan
yaser khazan
00:29 22 Oct 21
The staff is so amazing and friendly! I can trust what they say, special thanks to MOZHDEH (operation manager) she was with me all the timeanswering any questions and never makes you feel rushed ,Highly recommended
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