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Installing solar panels systems can help you save money on your bills

Many households and offices in Cardinia have decided to reduce their electricity bills by using solar panels. Online Air and Solar is the one stop destination for them to buy high-quality solar panels and solar batteries. Along with that we sell heating and cooling systems taking care of the indoor temperature because of Cardinia’s wavering climate. Solar battery storage systems are the best method to save solar energy for nighttime use.

Our Services

Premium quality Solar Panels distributers

Online Air and Solar has a reputation of providing Unbeatable Solar Quote, along with price Comparisons. We are the reliable solar panels distributers company because all our products come with assured warranty. If you are still pondering for installing solar panels, time’s best because of rebates provided by Victoria govt., if you are living in Cardinia.

Heating and Cooling Systems dealers

We sell state of the art heating and cooling systems like MyPlace Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers, Gas Ducted Heaters, Gas Log Fires, Smart Home Control The system, Split System Air Conditioners, Multi-Head Air Conditioners, to help your home remain comfortable even if outside temperatures are too hot or too cold. Premium quality heating and cooling appliances sellers in Cardinia.

Solar Battery Storage for power backup

Solar batteries comes to use during the night or when sun is not present. Solar Batteries do not rely on costly fossil fuels and usual generator maintenance. Solar Batteries generally is installed when you buy a new solar panel but it can also be added as an add-on later on. Our solar experts will explain all your options.

Advantages of Solar Panel Installation

Read out the following basic advantages of using solar energy

  • Most reliable source of renewable energy. Rooftop Solar Panels reduce carbon emissions and bring down our collective dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Reduce electricity bills or altogether make it zero. The solar power system help you pay less for the power you use. How much you save in your electricity bill will be dependent on the size of your solar system and your electricity usage.

Are you planning to install solar panels on your rooftop and don’t know where to go, talk to Online Air and Solar experts today? Our solar panels company is popular among households. We are also the most reliable destination to buy solar battery backup systems.

Learn about the solar Panel rebates provided by Victoria Government by calling us or dropping us an email.

Check the most accurate rooftop solar potential of your home by calling our Solar Experts today.

Compare solar energy and battery system installation pricesby calling us today. Get an estimate by talking to our solar experts on whether installing solar panels in Cardinia will save you money and roughly what these savings could be.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are a considered reliable destination to buy solar panels, batteries, heating and cooling products by numerous businesses and households since our inception.
  • We don’t push you to buy solar panels from us like other solar companies
  • Our solar panels, heating, and cooling systems, and battery storage systems are of premium quality.
  • 100 percent Customer satisfaction guaranteed.
Solar Panel Cardinia

For expert advice to build a solar power system on your rooftop to suit your needs, including battery storage options, call our experienced solar experts today.

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