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Most Australians in Clyde have decided to beat power bills by switching to solar power. Straight away head to Online Air and Solar and get quality solar panels installed on your rooftop if you are planning the same for your house. The solar battery storage systems sold by us are also the best possible solutions to save solar energy for nighttime use. Our heating and cooling products help in taking care of the indoor temperature since Clyde has a unique climate.

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Solar Panels sellers

We assure you to provide an Unbeatable Solar Quote, tailored solar panel packages, completely customized to your needs. Moreover, we send experienced Master Electrician solar panel installers that you can trust. Save Money by switching to solar power. We are the renowned solar panels distributers company in the area. Solar power is the need of the hour, so don’t think twice before switching to Solar, if you are living in Clyde.

Heating and Cooling Appliances sellers

Call us today for or a premium heater, air conditioning, cooler and servicing, repairs and installations. Our products like Multi-Head Air Conditioners, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers, Gas Ducted Heaters, Gas Log Fires, MyPlace Smart Home Control System, Split System Air Conditioners, to remain comfortable inside the home when outside is too hot or too cold. Premium quality heating and cooling appliances sellers in Clyde

Solar Batteries

Solar batteries store the extra energy produced by solar which can be consumed when the sunlight is not present, like during the night. Online Air and Solar is the best option to choose solar batteries of all famous brands like Tesla, LG, etc. We also provide a list of options if you are looking to store solar energy in the battery for night time use

Solar Panels Installation Service

Read out the following basic information about solar energy.

  • Roughly 15% of the residents in Clyde have Rooftop Solar Panels installed.
  • The average size of Solar Energy Panels system, often opted by residents  is approximately 3.10kW panel system.
  • Clyde region is very appropriate to choose Solar energy over any other conventional source of energy because of longer solar duration. The houses gets approximately 3.95 hours of ‘peak sun’ per day.
  • The advantages of adopting solar power are many for residents  due to low cost of solar panels. Moreover, the government of Victoria offers very attractive solar rebates on panels and batteries.

For more information about Solar Victoria rebates, go through our website. Get the free solar quote today for accurate estimates and comparison of solar panels and batteries.

Find out your roof’s solar potential by calling our Solar Experts today.

We are a team of accredited solar panel installers servicing. For more information, or to request a quick solar quote, call us today!

Why Choose Us?

  • We are known to sell premium quality solar panels, batteries, etc to numerous businesses and households.
  • No pressure sales are allowed for our salespersons.
  • Our package on solar panels and batteries along with rebates make switching to solar the best deal of your life.
  • 100 percent Customer satisfaction guaranteed for products and installation process!
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For expert advice to build a solar power system on your rooftop to suit your needs, including battery storage options, call our experienced solar experts today.

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