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When you take services of Online Air and Solar, you join hundreds of homeowners and small and mid-sized business owners who have put their trust in us from all other solar panel companies because they have found us best in Australia including Pakenham. We can help you make accurate comparisons of solar panel Installation, battery prices. Our heating and cooling systems are of premium quality that takes care of the indoor temperature since Pakenham has a unique climate. battery storage systems help save solar energy for nighttime use.

Our Services

Residential Solar Panel Installation

Tens of thousands of residents of Pakenham are now making their own clean solar energy. Have you taken the leap? People in Pakenham know that going solar via solar panel installation is an easy way to re-allocate the money you spend on electricity. Instead one can spend the money on asserting your energy independence and helping to save the planet. As you consider who will do your solar panels installation, we will outline multiple systems and financing options that best meet your particular needs. Moreover, we will answer all your questions along the way.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Our premium quality heating and cooling products like Multi-Head Air Conditioners, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, MyPlace Smart Home Control System, Split System Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers, Gas Ducted Heaters, Gas Log Fires help your home remain comfortable even if outside temperatures are wavering. Online Air and Solar team have product Expert for heating & cooling at Appliances Online. If you have any specific questions about our range of heaters or cooling options, please call us today.

Battery Storage to store excess solar energy

Solar batteries help by storing the excess electricity which can be consumed when the sunlight is not present, like during the night. Moreover, battery storage systems for solar are finally available and affordable. Rather than send your excess solar electricity to the grid, capture it and use it each evening. Plus, solar battery storage also helps to have a ready power backup system for your home when the grid goes down. Solar Batteries can be installed when you buy a solar panels or as an add-on later on.

Why switch to solar and go for Solar Panels Installation

Read out the following basic benefits about solar energy

  • According to a study conducted on solar energy is the most preferred energy in the future.
  • Solar Systems prices are all-time low and the government is providing support to push people towards adopting solar energy.
  • The advantages of solar power to the average Pakenham household are many, particularly when it comes to saving Electricity Bills.
  • When you choose Solar panels, you choose the clean and green source of energy.
  • One of the biggest relief is the Low maintenance costs.
  • Solar Victoria rebates to choose solar over conventional sources of energy.

Online Air and Solar provides households in the Pakenham (post code 3810) area a variety of options and super deals to switch to solar with happiness. Our battery backups systems are also in popular demand for the residents here.

Email us to know more information about solar power and energy  and also learn about the solar panel rebates provided by Victoria Government.

Find out how much electricity bill you can save by talking to our Solar Experts today.

Online Air and Solar provide the impartial comparisons and unbeatable quote for solar PV and battery storage systems.

Why Choose Us?

  • Many businesses and households have trusted us since our inception.
  • We don’t make pressure sales.
  • Our solar panels, heating and cooling systems and battery storage systems are reasonable and have a prolonged life.
  • 100 percent Customer satisfaction guaranteed with aesthetically pleasing installations!
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