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Unlock the many benefits of solar power and solar panel systems in your house & Office

Solar panels are the popular choice of households and offices to reduce their electricity bills in Warragul, Victoria. Online Air and Solar can help you make accurate comparisons of solar installers and prices. Along with that we sell heating and cooling systems taking care of the indoor temperature since Warragul has a unique climate. Our battery storage systems are also affordable solutions to save solar energy for nighttime use.

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Best Solar Systems distributers

We assure you to provide Unbeatable Solar Quote, along with price Comparisons. We are the renowned solar panels distributers company in the area. Solar power is the need of the hour, so don’t think twice before switching to Solar, if you are living in Warragul.

Bestsellers of Heating and Cooling Systems

Our products like MyPlace Smart Home Control System, Split System Air Conditioners, Multi-Head Air Conditioners, Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners, Evaporative Coolers, Gas Ducted Heaters, Gas Log Fires help your home remain comfortable even if outside temperatures are wavering. Best heating and cooling appliances sellers in Warragul

Battery Storage to store excess solar energy

Potential of solar panels gets increased by Solar Batteries that store the excess electricity which can be consumed when the sunlight is not present. Online Air and Solar is the one-stop destination to buy battery storage systems of all famous brands and models. We also provide a list of options if you are looking to store energy in the battery for night time use.

Solar Panels Installation in Warragul

Why switch to Solar energy?

  • Solar Power is a great investment through reduced electricity bills
  • Installing Solar Panels is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint by offsetting traditional power generation
  • Solar Panels helps you protect from continually rising electricity prices
  • Solar Panels are reliable, no moving parts and virtually maintenance free
  • No need to buy electricity from the grid
  • Excess solar power produced by solar panels can further be sold to the electricity network, stored in solar batteries or diverted to EV Car charging or Hot water cylinders.
  • Households in Warragul (Post Code 3820) area trust Online Air and Solar, when they plan of switching to solar. We are also the most popular choice for battery backup systems.

Drop your email for more information about solar power and energy  and learn about the solar panel rebates provided by Victoria Government.

Find out your roof’s solar potential in Warragul by calling our Solar Experts today.

Online Air and Solar provide the customers with impartial comparisons of solar PV and battery storage systems.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted by numerous businesses and households in Warragul since our inception.
  • Millions in Australia trust Online Air and Solar.
  • Our solar panels, heating, and cooling systems, and battery storage systems are affordable and have a prolonged life.
  • 100 percent Customer satisfaction guaranteed, until then, we won’t leave you!
Solar Panel Warragul

Compare solar energy and battery system installation prices in Warragul by calling us today.

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