Solar battery storage

Find the best solar battery storage for your unused solar power with Online Air and Solar.

What is a solar battery?

A solar battery is essentially a battery that stores power generated by your solar panels. In the past, solar energy that was not immediately used by your household would be transferred into the energy grid, however, if your home has a storage battery installed, this energy can now be stored for use later on.

How do solar batteries work?

If your solar system generates more than the battery can store, it will be exported to the grid. The good news is you could get a credit on your electricity bill for the amount exported. Normally any unused power generated by the household’s solar panels is sold back to the grid and its power supplies for less than one third of the amount it costs to buy that same electricity.

Why should I buy a solar battery?

Take control of your energy by storing surplus electricity for when you need it most. By adding a battery to your system, your home can run off the solar energy you have stored in the event that the grid goes down such as a power outage. Battery storage also enables any unused or excess power generated by your solar energy system to be stored for usage when electricity prices are at the highest. Moreover, your home can also make use of solar in the evening through the energy stored even after the sun goes down!

Have any questions?

Our staff at Online Air and Solar are happy to answer all questions. Let our dedicated team of professionals help you find the right payment plan, solar batteries and roof design for your home. We hold our customers as our top priority and will walk you through from start to finish. We offer superior battery and energy storage systems that your home can rely on. Call us on 1800 289 665 to help you find a battery that is efficient and reliable.

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