Is your system underperforming? Have you noticed your electricity bills rising up? Was your system producing much more power than it does now? 

If you have noticed any of the above problems, Online Air and Solar advices that you get a Solar Health Check. A health check can prevent your solar system from any unwanted issues or performance slumps. Get on top of the issue before it costs you too much money! Get your system checked today by our Accreditated Solar Installers/Electricians to ensure your system is performing safe and as best as it can!

At Online Air and Solar, we will visit your property and perform the following steps in the image below and report back to you on what can be done to improve your system’s performance. We will also check whether your solar system is installed correctly to ensure that your warranty is not voided due to poor workmanship. Our solar health check will also detect any potential problems before they occur saving you both time and money. At Online Air and Solar, you can trust that your solar health check is in good hands. Call 1800 289 665 to book your health check today!

Improve your Solar System’s Performance!

Maximize your Return on Investment

Get a FREE Roof Design and System Performance Report

Reduce your likelihood of faults by your solar panels

Ensure that your warranty is not voided

Detect potential issues before they occur

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