Choose the smart way to power your home with Online Air and Solar, a leading solar installation company in Melbourne. Protect your family from rising electricity prices by harnessing the sun’s free energy – solar power.

Considered a promising source of energy for decades, solar panels can be found on almost everything from rooftops and roadside signs to stadiums and spacecrafts. Solar energy works by taking energy from the sun and changing it into electricity for homes and businesses.

Should you go solar?

For the most part, those who spend more on their household electricity will typically reap the greatest benefits when it comes to solar technology. Many different factors can lead to a high electric bill, but high energy demand is chief among them. If you and your family are always running appliances and keeping the lights on, you’ve likely seen that reflected in your bill. If you find that your household is energy-heavy, it might make a lot of sense for you to invest in solar panels.

Why should you buy from Online Air and Solar?

Our energy efficient and long-lasting solar panels bring technology and service under one roof to deliver exceptional results. With Online Air and Solar, you will:

  • Get a quote that beats all written solar quotes
  • Get a FREE no obligation energy consultation
  • Get a FREE Roof Design and System Performance Report
  • Get Panels and Inverters of your choice

Let us help you take advantage of government incentives to make the switch to renewable energy. Online Air and Solar is happy to answer all your questions regarding residential solar installation Melbourne. Call us today on 1800 289 665.

Leading solar installation company in Melbourne
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Get the Lowest Price Guaranteed! Flexible on price, not on service.

Get a FREE no obligation energy consultation

Get a FREE Roof Design and System Performance Report

Get Panels and Inverters of your choice

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Our Solar Process

Online Air and Solar is one of the leading solar power companies in Melbourne with top quality staff and services. We assure you that we will take care of you every step of the way so that you can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

1. Consult

Talk to our experienced consultants by phone or in person and customize your sustainable energy solution.

2. Select and Apply

After you accept your solar quote, we will send it to Solar Victoria and inform you to start the solar rebate application via email.

3. Relax

Solar Victoria will notify us when your rebate application is approved. We will then contact you to book your installation date and/or discuss pre-approval of electricity distributors (eg. Citipower, Powercor, Ausnet etc.) if needed.

4. Compliance Assurance

An Energy Safe Victoria Inspector will contact you to carry out an inspection on the system in 2-3 weeks time frame and issue us a compliance Certificate of Electrical Safety.

5. Payment & Grid Connection

We'll email you the invoice within a week after installation. (Please contact us if you haven't received your invoice within a week.) After receiving your certificate and full payment of the invoice, we'll email your electricity retailer and cc you all the solar paperwork for the grid connection.

6. We Will Look After You

Please feel free to reach out to us on 1800 289 665 or 0394 383 919 should you have any questions or require help with your solar system.

How Solar Panel Works
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